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Prior to deciding to opt for Mitt Romney you have to take into consideration that

Before you decide to opt for Mitt Romney you need to consider that:

1. Bain Capital. Bain was founded by Robert Gay, whose father was Mormon Mafiosa Bill Gay. Bill Gay and Robert seem to have looted the Howard Hughes Estate of the estimated 5 billion dollars!

2. Romney popular the support from the Homosexual community as Governor of Massachusettes. He is blamed for Same-Sex Unions because state. Also, he promised to become more Liberal with Gays than Ted Kennedy! He passed Gay Pride declarations as well as other areas of the Radical Gay Agenda.

Romney For President

3. Mitt Romney ruined lives through his business tactics at Bain Capital. He bankrupted sound businesses. He used debt leveraging and downsizing, making billions on inflated stocks before they collapsed. He left investors pennyless.

4. Mitt Romney is really a neo-con Republican. He favors a fresh American Empire and the death of our own Republic. He worked to pass through the Patriot Act. He has done his better to abolish the Civil Rights certain to all Americans under the United states of america Constitution.

5. Mitt Romney will attack Iran and start World War III with China and Russia. Syria is a target. We gained nothing in Afghanistan but cheaper heroin. Merely the oil companies made money from Iraq. There have been no WMDs found. 1.3 million Iraqi citizens are already killed as a result.

6. Mitt Romney helped make the mortgage crisis with his Hedge Fund. He also helped make the Derivatives Crisis. He is many in our failed economy.

Mormon Mafia

7. Mitt Romney is really a Bush loyalist. He can carry on the Bush Agenda of destroying our Bill of Rights and Constitution. Romney wants a military dictatorship.

8. Mitt Romney ran because the pro-abortion candidate in Massachusettes. He's no friend alive.

9. Mitt Romney's Top Financial Donors were TAARP recipients. Also,Federal Reserve Banks.

10. Mitt Romney favors illegal immigration and Open borders. He wants the cheap labor they supply. He just said so in Florida.''

11. Mitt Romney is really a Globalist. He wants Americans to contend with third world countries for jobs and businesses.

12. Mitt Romney is considered to possess been in charge of the Gay Rights Ordinances based on the Mormon Church. Also, the Church's Utah Compact with Illegal Immigrants.

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